Ceramic Academy 

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I'm Caroline, the artist behind Meadow Ceramics and now I'm on a mission to teach you everything I know. In the past 8 years I have built a 6-figure creative business while being a single-mom. I've sold my work to high-end shops and private customers all over the world.

I'm now teaching all my secrets about making my ceramics in my online ceramic courses.

Ceramic Academy

I'm teaching you all my secrets in my online ceramic courses. Want to learn how to make my watercolor glazes? How to make plates and platters in stoneware and porcelain? How to make botanical pieces or maybe my best-selling Abalone pieces?

Ceramic Academy

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Testimonials from Ceramic Academy

Thank you again for teaching the courses so well; they were informative and easy to understand.

So beautiful and cosy. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

Thank you for generously sharing your techniques with the world. Your videos are a pleasure to watch and methods so simple they’re freeing. Wonderful. I can’t wait to incorporate these ideas into my work.

I love the course. Thanks for the detailed explanations. I go to test it soon.

Great course...I really like your teaching style. I'll be using white, no grog stoneware (USA) so I'm excited to give this method a try. Cheers!

Loved this course!! Can’t wait to start trying things out!! Thank you ✨🎨🌈

Great course, I really enjoyed it! Thank you 🙏😊✨✨✨

I recently purchased your course for building small bowls and spoons and was so pleased with the detail and level of instruction. As a novice potter, I appreciated your clear and easy to understand instructions and I feel like I'm on my way to trying more complicated projects after a few weeks of practice. Thank you for developing this program for creatives around the world. 

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