The Endgame of Instagram

It’s not what you think it is.

It’s not Instagram coming to an end, but it’s something really important I want you to take note off and that will help you change your mindset about your business.

When talking about the endgame of Instagram, I want you to consider the following: What is the purpose of your profile on the ‘gram? What do you want your current and new followers to DO?

I know, you want more followers. We all do – somehow, this little number at our profile has come to influence how we feel waaay too much. If you had a million followers but not a single customer, what good would these followers actually do, besides stroking your ego?

I want you to think about: Instagram is like the appetizer, the honey that lures in the bees. It’s where you introduce people to yourself and your work. It’s where your audience catches up on your day-to-day life, see what news you have in store for them and what you’re currently working on. It’s also where you can find your new customers and I firmly believe Instagram is THE MOST effective tool in doing so.

BUT: All these wonderful people need some help from you here:

When we’re scrolling down on Instagram, we see all these beautifully styled photos and then we move on.

I want you to consider: Do you invite your audience into your world?

Imagine this: someone clicks on your photo, then go to your profile and look around for a while. This person likes what she sees. She then goes to your bio, her attention is caught and she want’s to know more. Where does she go from there? Do you have a link in your bio?

Let’s say you have a link. She then clicks it and it takes her to your site. What does she find? Is she able to find all the information she might need? Can she actually buy your products on your site and is it easy for her to do so?

The ENDGAME of Instagram is this: What do you offer your potential customers besides your feed on Instagram? How do you want to stay in touch with them? When you get a new follower, she’s maybe not ready to buy from you right now. Maybe she’s not needing your product, but she really likes it. Then down the road, a couple of months from now, she’s suddenly in the market and she needs you. How do you stay in touch? She liked what you do and she went to your website – could she sign up for your newsletter? If not – you know what to do!

“The Endgame of Instagram” is your cue into building a sustainable business. You have a mini-magazine as your feed, but you need a strategy on how to convert your followers into paying customers. When you keep these things in mind, you’ll start to think about your website in a whole new framework. It’s not the end all-be all, but I need you to swift gears in order to build that dream of yours!

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