Ceramic Academy Membership

This is the place where you will learn everything I know about making ceramics. In this membership, you can learn from the content already added and enjoy the new workshops that are coming up - I add new content every week!
I only use pre-made glazes that can easily be bought in both the US, Europe, Canada and Australia. Also, we only work in stoneware or porcelain. You don't need any fancy equipment, as I prefer to keep things very simple.

Right now, you have access to these courses:

- How to do Bubble Glaze/Mermaid pieces

- How to make and glaze botanic/flower pieces in porcelain or white stoneware

- How to make stoneware and porcelain plates and platters

- How to make small bowls and spoons in stoneware and porcelain using only your hands

- How to glaze watercolor pieces

- How to glaze abalone pieces


Workshops where the content is being uploaded as it finish:

- *GOLD* - Watercolor pieces in pink with gold on

- Botanical porcelain plates

- Leaf platter and leaf bowl in stoneware

- Making bowls using balloons

- Making cheeseplatters


And workshops that will be added after this as soon as they finish:

- 15 plates in stoneware! All in different glazes

- Wall hangings

- Glazing cups

- 10 watercolor pieces

- Christmas stuff

- Crystals

- Blues

- Fairytale cups

Cancel anytime, no refunds after 74 hours after purchase.