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Ceramic Academy - How to Glaze with Watercolor on Porcelain

Please note: I'm making these pieces in porcelain, but I've also made several pieces in very white stoneware. You can use the clay you have, as long as it fired very white and you have access to underglazes that fit with your clay :)

If you're making pieces just for fun or if you're selling the work, this will teach you a new way to get these beautiful, watercolor looks on your pieces.

The course is in both text and videos in English in different modules.

In this course I will teach you how I do my best-selling watercolor effect pieces. Please note that I teach how to use this method on flat porcelain pieces. You can also use it on very bright stoneware clay, I talk a little about this in the course.

You will learn what glazes I use and how I do it. I will make several pieces and show you different ways to apply the glaze.

We will also cover trouble shooting and I’ll tell you all I have learned through trial and error over the years! This will save you a ton of time and money, if you’re looking to learn a new glazing technique for yourself.


Modules in the course, all in video. 

Course introduction:


What you'll need

Let's get started:

Let's glaze the first piece.

And the next.

More plates.

Bowls and wet in wet

The last step - transparent glaze:

Tips and tricks.

Adding transparent glaze.

After glazing.

The results:

Emptying the kiln.


If the transparent glaze didn't turn out well.

Bonusses: Bonus 1