What is fear costing you?

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2022

How much is your fear costing you?


No matter what level you’re at in your business, you will experience fear.

Fear that no one will buy what you have to offer.

Fear that people will make fun of you.

Fear that you will be “found out” as a FRAUD – “who am I even to sell this?”


Do you know this fear?

It’s normal! Even writing this letter to you, right now, brings up feelings of fear in me. “What if no one reads this. What if they don’t understand what I mean”. It never goes away, it just changes. When you get over your fear of doing this one thing, then a new fear will rise. We all have to work on this on our journey of running a business.

But you don’t have to let fear decide and you don’t have to let it control you. It can and it WILL cost you money and potential income. When you’re thinking “I’m not ready! I can’t do this” you can use affirmations to move your thoughts in another direction. This is deeper work, that I can’t fully cover in one e-mail, but I want you to have this one tool to help you move forward.

When these thoughts creep up on you, try and replace them with some of these or find one, that works for you:

“Who am I NOT to sell this?”.

“I bring JOY to other people”.

“I’m helping other people with my product”.

“I can earn some extra money for my family while I’m doing what I love”.

“I will do this imperfectly, but I WILL do it”.

“In 5 years, I will regret not having done this. I’m doing it”.

“I’m learning as I go and it’s okay to make mistakes.”

“I’m open for this to be an experiment”.

“I will hold my work lightly. It’s not life and death.”

“I will show up, even when no one is buying. I’m doing this for myself”.


Can you feel the difference? Every day that you let fear run the show, it will be costing you potential income. We all start with 0 followers and no sales. There is enough customers for everyone. People WILL love your product or what you have to offer.

What opportunity are you saying no to right now? Are you not marketing? Are you not showing up? Maybe you even fear success? “I can’t possibly make this much, package this much” – and that’s holding you back?


Being aware about how these thoughts are having a massive impact on you not taking action, even the smallest action, is SO important. It’s were it all starts. A lot of the smaller stuff you will figure out as you go.

Hit reply to my e-mail if this resonated with you! 😊

And I will talk with you soon again,

All my best,



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