The Endgame of Instagram

It’s not what you think it is.

It’s not Instagram coming to an end, but it’s something really important I want you to take note off and that will help you change your mindset about your business.

When talking about the endgame of Instagram, I want you to consider the following: What is the purpose of your profile on the ‘gram? What do you want your current and new followers to DO?

I know, you want more followers. We all do – somehow, this little number at our profile has come to influence how we feel waaay too much. If you had a million followers but not a single customer, what good would these followers actually do, besides stroking your ego?

I want you to think about: Instagram is like the appetizer, the honey that lures in the bees. It’s where you introduce people to yourself and your work. It’s where your audience catches up on your day-to-day life, see what news you have in store for them and what you’re currently working...

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